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The Resilient Doula: Two Day Training with Lesley Everest

August 8, 2022 – August 9, 2022 all-day
Jill's House - West Vancouver
Given upon registration
Jill Colpitts
The Resilient Doula: Two Day Training with Lesley Everest @ Jill's House - West Vancouver
Mon, Aug.8-Tues, Aug 9. 9am-5pm each day. This event is happening in a private home in West Vancouver. The address will be given upon registration.
The home is a dog-friendly home, but the dogs will not be physically present inside. Please contact Jill at if you have any allergy concerns.
Masks are recommended.This workshop will provide you with the essential tools you need to navigate, survive, and bounce back from the tough aspects of doula life.

This role of “doula” you have taken on, which most report is work that calls to the heart, is also the work that can break it.  When our hearts experience wear and tear without the opportunity for repair, we can become burnt out, bitter, and even sick.  We suffer, our communities suffer, and it becomes harder for us to show up joyfully for the families we serve.
These are some of the topics we will address:
Why are you a Doula?
Saviour Complex
Compassion Fatigue
Lateral Violence
Bad Press
Vicarious Trauma
Doula Life on the Doula Body
Some of the skills you will walk away with:
Embodied Listening
Deepening Self-Awareness around Emotional Triggers
Understanding Why Birth is a Trauma-Susceptible Event
Orienting to your Motherwit Rather than Clocks and Numbers
Sacred Activism
Embracing your Doula Archetype
Non-Sectarian Ceremony for Self-Healing
In a profession with an average life span of four years, Lesley Everest has survived and is thriving in active doulahood for 26 years.  In her long career she has built teams and communities of doulas, trained and mentored countless doulas, and knows intimately how the demands of this work can impact the bodies, minds, hearts, and spirits of the people called to doula work. This workshop draws upon the many tools Lesley uses in her doula care and doula trainings, gleaned from a background in body-centred emotional process work, interspiritual ministry, transformational coaching, and a deep commitment to building nourishing communities.  The Resilient Doula: a Survival Guide is inspired by her personal experiences of burnout, cancer, healing, and recommitting to the work from a place of greater ease.  It is Lesley’s hope to support the greatest possible expressions of healthy doula-hood, so that doulas can do this work enjoyably long term.

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