Holistic Doula Training with Whapio, April 8-11, 2021


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*** This course is being held online via Zoom. Participants will be able to download a recording of the course afterward for review purposes. ***

At The Matrona, we believe that childbirth is a transformative event and pregnant women have access to altered states of consciousness that allow them to have an expanded perspective of life and of themselves.

This culminates in the birthing process.

We realize that many women desire to be witnessed, rather than managed, in this extraordinary experience. In our Matrona Doula Program we put a different spin on what it really means to support and witness a woman and we explore what it means to nurture a mom during her childbearing cycle.

The Matrona Holistic Birth Doula program is comprehensive in it’s scope.
We teach a practical and well rounded body of information about childbirth…
all the basics…yet the material is presented holistically and
with a balance of the intuitive and the clinical.

You will learn –

• Feminine A&P, the pelvis, the hormones of the reproductive system and the female cycles.

• How to compute the correct date of birth.

• How to understand birth as an organic process and how to support a mother’s choices in various places…home, hospital, birthing center.

• How to articulate and navigate through the cultural perspectives concerning birth.

• How to nurture a pregnant woman.

• How the baby navigates the pelvis during the process of labor

• How labor unfolds without interference and how to facilitate women in that process.

• Options in childbirth…choosing caregivers, waterbirth, positions for delivery

• Understanding the cervix…dilation and effacement, cervical lips, ruffling the membranes, Bishop’s score for induction.

• How to understand some of the controversial topics in childbirth…ultrasound, induction of labor, rupture of membranes,
Group Beta strep, cord clamping, neonatal jaundice…

• How to employ healing modalities that facilitate self-direction in mothers and families.

• How to tend placentas and offer Placenta Readings.

• How to create win/win and collaborative solutions when things do not go as planned.

• How to present yourself as a doula in the community and how to integrate your practice of woman care with the knowledge of birth.

We offer a family-centered perspective on birth and we expand the mainstream information found in many of the available books on childbirth.

We also explore some mind-blowing facts such as –

• Why and how women are the ancestral sex and exactly how fertilization takes places as a team event.

• The brain wave states and patterns of altered states of consciousness that are part of every childbirth experience.

• The journey of birth in a new language that represents childbirth as the mystical and transformative journey that it is.

Our entire class is dedicated to the exploration of the experience of childbirth and it’s ramifications on the soul and spirit as well as on the body.

The cost of the 4-day program is $750CAD  (approximately $580USD).

Certification requirement are easy and simple and involve no other costs than the $750CAD for the 4-day program.

We offer immediate certification to anyone who attends the 4 days, does the
requisite reading and who has either birthed a child or attended births.

If you have not attended birth in any capacity, we ask that you take steps in your
community to shadow a doula or attend a few births for certification.


Day 1
Morning Session
Introductions – Hand-outs – Scope of the Class – Certification Requirements
The Role of the Holistic Doula and her Scope of Practice
Models of Care – Technocratic to Quantum
Quantum Caregiving and Creating Soul-level Connections

Afternoon Session
The Importance of the Correct EBD (Estimated Date of Birth)
The Endocrine System: Hormones as Messengers
Reproductive and Birthing Hormones
Birth as an Altered State


Day 2
Morning Session
The Caregivers Spiral
Ideas not Ideologies in Childbirth
Brain Wave Patterns and the Neurological Perspective on Childbirth
The Circle of Nurturing and the Caregivers Greatest Gift

Afternoon Session
Emerging as a Doula: Creating a Brochure, Creating a Lifestyle
The Journey Begins: Understanding Conception and Reproductive Cycles
Women as the Ancestral Sex

Day 3
Morning Session
Undisturbed Birth and the Work of Michel Odent
The Birth Atlas: Understanding the Uterus, Cervix and Dilation & Effacement
Cardinal Movements of Labor: How the Baby Navigates the Pelvis

Afternoon Session
The Holistic Stages of Labor: A New Language for a New Paradigm
The Work of Constance Benyon: The Two Stages of Second Stage
Vertical Birth…even in a hospital
Non-invasive strategies for checking the progress of labor
Checking the cervix on the foot!


Day 4
Morning Session
Facilitating and supporting a Woman in Labor
Non-pharmacological Strategies for Pain Relief
When Labor does not go as planned
Understanding Position and Posterior Presentation

Afternoon Session
Navigating Controversial Topics in Childbirth
Who’s in Charge of the Birth?
Techniques for Collaboration and Creating Win/Win solutions
Placenta Alchemy:
Placenta Medicine…Placenta Readings



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